Celtrixa: The Cream That Makes Pregnant Women Happy

Posted Friday, 8 March 2013 by Unknown

Celtrixa has come as a strong ray of hope for millions of people living with streaks on their skin. The most affected of them are pregnant women. The very thought that childbirth will snatch their skin’s beauty gives them the pregnancy blues. It mars the charm of creating a new life. 

Thanks to this cream for stretch marks, things are beginning to get rosy again. Pregnant women are happy, for they know that they now have a “weapon” to fight against stretch marks. Studies also show that this cream has the power to prevent marks, if applied on time. 

Celtrixa uses Regu-Stretch formula that repairs skin from the deepest layers and makes it normal again. Nobody would guess the area had marks before. Such is the fine performance of this cream. It firms up the skin and smoothens it perfectly. 

The cream contains O.D.A. White, which is a commendable skin brightening agent. It is safe too. It evens out skin tone at the affected area and restores healthy glow. 

Celtrixa saves you money, as you get multiple benefits from a single jar. You need not get a separate skin brightening cream. You need no separate moisturizer. The cream is a complete package of skin care. 


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